In the early 1970’s, when South Africa was divided by the horrors of apartheid, a film was released that brought hope and light to a despairing nation. “e’Lollipop” told the story of the friendship between two children, one black and one white. It was a film ahead of its time that shattered all box office records.

In real life, the two young stars, Muntu Ndebele and Norman Knox, became friends just like their characters. But as the events of the struggle to end apartheid unfolded, their lives became more dramatic than either could ever imagine. A MILLION COLOURS is their story. “It is not a remake, a sequel or a documentary, but the powerful story of the ironic twist of Muntu and Norman’s journey after they shot to fame following e’Lollipop” (André Pieterse, Producer).


One Response to “e’Lollipop – the beginning of A MILLION COLOURS”

  1. Adrienne Says:

    oooooh, now I get it. That took far too long.

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