Peter Bishai is an award-winning film director and screenwriter. He directed and co-wrote the feature film “The Dueling Accountant”, a whimsical comedy about a lonely CPA who finds himself in a world of intrigue and adventure when he’s challenged to a fencing duel. In 2008, “The Dueling Accountant” won several awards including Best Comedy at the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival and Best First Feature at the Long Island International Film Expo. In a four-star review, Film Threat magazine called “The Dueling Accountant”:

“An immensely enjoyable absurdist comedy… To say there isn’t a dull moment along the way might be an understatement… The production is slick-looking and gorgeous – particularly an end set piece involving a steam train that instantly summons to mind moody movies like “Casablanca” and “The Third Man”… It can’t come more highly recommended, especially for people who feel that modern movies lately have been missing a great deal of fun, whimsy, absurdity and, well, panache.”

Mr. Bishai is also an accomplished script consultant. While working as a member of the creative consulting firm Spark Productions in the UK, his story structure expertise assisted international co-productions, Hollywood studio projects and independent films by emerging filmmakers. Clients included writers, directors and producers with projects at Twentieth Century-Fox, Warner Brothers, British Screen and many others. Since leaving Spark Productions, Mr. Bishai continues to provide creative consulting for various projects around the globe. Recent projects include Max McLean’s acclaimed stage production of “The Screwtape Letters”; the upcoming film “Winnie” starring Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson and a promotional film, “The Love Game”, for the launch of Bloomingdale’s Fall 2009 Collection.

Mr. Bishai co-wrote and is currently directing “A Million Colours”, a true-life epic drama being filmed on location in South Africa. Set during the 1976 Soweto Uprising and its aftermath, “A Million Colours” is the kind of film Mr. Bishai always dreamed of making, a sweeping historical narrative full of adventure, romance, complexity and striking beauty.

Mr. Bishai also co-wrote and will direct, “Rapid Eye Movement”, a thriller with comic overtones in the Hitchcock tradition. He is also developing a romantic comedy inspired by the recent Staten Island Ninja Bandit robberies.

Born in Montreal, Mr. Bishai is a graduate of the film production program at Toronto’s York University. He resides in New York City with his wife Aubrey.


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