Here’s a copy of Jared Orlin’s article on A MILLION COLOURS from the April 15th edition of South Africa’s YOU magazine. Fantastic article!

A MILLION COLOURS-Life After e’Lollipop_YOUmag


Less than a month ago I was working 60-80 hours per week as a pursuit strategist at Ernst & Young in New York City. Deadline-driven sales deals demand that kind of dedication. It’s a love/hate relationship…you may know the drill.

Since my arrival in South Africa three weeks ago, I’ve been getting 8 or 9 hours of sleep every night. I work out. I lay by the pool (its summer here). I shop. I write. I’ve even finished a book – and that never happens.

What a difference a sabbatical makes.

A MILLION COLOURS brings us here. Written and directed by my ever-talented husband Peter Bishai, A MILLION COLOURS is a sweeping romantic adventure of South Africa’s once most famous teen black movie star who was separated from the love of his life, becomes a fugitive, and struggles to survive apartheid. It’s an inspiring true story of danger, adventure, romance, betrayal and redemption…set against the turbulent background of a nation in crisis.

Pre-production on the film has begun and I’m using my lady of leisure status (also known as director’s wife) to do as I please. I pop into the production office, swing by the casting sessions, join the location scouts. I visit museums, people watch at cafes, perfect my driving-on-the-left abilities. I’m exploring my new environment – the people and processes of film-making and the socio-economic and cultural nuances of this lekker country.  And it’s all unfolding here…